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Best Hormone Balancing Program

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Best Hormone Balancing Program
Hormone Balancing

Hormone balance is a destination meeting certain clinical criteria.

There is a specific protocol and process to getting your hormones balanced and keeping them balanced.

Women have more control over how they feel and function than at any other time in history.

Unfortunately, the majority of women spend most of their lives in varying states of hormone deficiency. This leaves women feeling horrible mentally and physically more than they should.

We believe PMS, Menstrual Dysfunction, Perimenopause, and Menopause to be conditions brought on by hormonal imbalance and address them as such.

We believe every hormone has its own optimal blood serum range where that hormone performs best.

When each hormone is functioning at its optimal prime, your brain and body respond in a positively profound manner reducing or eliminating the side effects of hormonal imbalance. For most, it's life-changing.

We call this the Hormone Sweet Spot.

We offer four advanced female hormone balancing programs so you can be happy for as long as you want.

Your days of suffering are over.

Best Hormone Balancing Program
Best Hormone Balancing Program

Women We Help

Three groups of hormonally challenged women.

Best Hormone Balancing Program

PMS/Menstrual Dysfunction

Women in their 30s suffering from painful, dysfunctional, or irregular periods.


Women in their 30s-40s suffering from hormonal imbalance and menstrual dysfunction.

Best Hormone Balancing Program
Best Hormone Balancing Program


Women in their 40s-50s suffering from missing and irregular periods & menstrual dysfunction.

Best Hormone Balancing Program

Hormonal Imbalance

Perimenopause Hormone Balancing

Your body produces hormones (estrogen and progesterone) at blood levels that allow you to function, think, and thrive in an effective and effortless manner. These are referred to as “optimal levels”.

When these hormones drop to sub-optimal levels, you will feel it mentally and physically. The lower your hormones are, the worse you will feel. And when they remain too low for too long,  it can turn a woman into the walking dead.

Hormonal imbalance means your main-sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are no longer produced at optimal levels or under-performing causing multiple side effects, including the under-production of other hormones.

This can happen to any woman at any age for many reasons.

Women feel the side effects of estrogen and progesterone deficiency by way of mental illness and physical decline and dysfunction.

At Panacea Sciences we call these side effects “Clinical Indicators” and track 50 of them on a regular basis in every patient.

The goal of advanced female hormone balancing is to naturally restore your deficient hormones to optimal levels that pull you out of a hormonally deficient state altogether. 

We don’t merely manage the symptoms of your hormonal imbalance with low dose hormone treatments and expensive supplements.

We restore your missing hormones back to optimal levels so you are no longer hormonally deprived and balanced in your Hormone Sweet Spot.

Best Hormone Program

The Side Effects of Hormonal Imbalance

Depression | Anxiety | Weight gain | Inability to lose weight | Headaches | Migraines | Feelings of burnout | Hair loss | Poor memory | Weakness | Foggy thinking | Water retention | Insomnia | Low sex drive | Apathy | Feelings of disconnect/Isolation | Loneliness | Inability to cope | Low energy | Physical atrophy | Feelings of self-doubt | Anger | Explosive behavior | Crying spells | Mood swings | Body aches | Constipation | Bloating | Gut dysbiosis | Diarrhea | Flatulence | Breast tenderness | Dehydration | Eczema | Psoriasis | Acne | Hot flashes | Night sweats | Low self-esteem | Dizziness | Rapid heartrate | Shortness of breath | Low self-worth | Period changes | Menstrual cramps | Binge eating | Cravings | Restlessness | Low self-confidence | Feelings of wired and tired | Malcontent | Poor comprehension | Poor concentration |Lack of executive function |High blood pressure | Feelings of doom & despair | Insulin resistance | Estrogen dominance | High cholesterol | Skin irregularities | Allergies | Dysfunctional menstrual cycles | Self loathing | Self-hatred | Lack of will to live

Best Hormone Program

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Best Hormone Balancing Program

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Best Hormone Balancing Program
Best Hormone Balancing Program