Best Female HRT Training

Female Hormone Restoration Clinical Application Training for HRT Prescribers

Learn how to properly prescribe hormone replacement therapy for women.

Best Female HRT Training
HRT Training
Best Female HRT Training

Balancing hormones for women is not easy but it could be if you knew what to do.

Effectively balancing hormones for women requires knowledge and skill. And it is one of the most rewarding things a physician can do not only for themselves but for patients as well.

We are currently looking for like-minded physicians and physician extenders to train and join our network of elite female hormone specialists.

We offer advanced female hormone replacement therapy clinical application training, practical hand-holding, patient referrals, and hormone coaching patient support.

Work as a part of a hormone balancing team between you, the patient, and our professionally trained clinical hormone coaches.

Our hormone prescribers and clinical hormone coaches are all trained with one goal in mind—to get patients' hormones balanced and keep them balanced. And everyone is on the same page with how to make that happen.

Best Female HRT Training
Female HRT Training
Best HRT Training

Frustrated they didn't teach you about female hormone therapy in medical school and left you to figure it out on your own?

Considering throwing in the towel with hormone replacement therapy for your female patients because you can't seem to figure it out?

Finding out the HRT education you get at the hormone conferences does not work in the clinic like they said it would?

Confused what it means to "balance" hormones for women, or at what point your patients' hormones are actually balanced?

Frustrated you can't get your female patients' hormones balanced no matter what HRT system you use?

Tired of calling the pharmacist for HRT direction when you know you should be the one running the show?

Annoyed your female patients' hormones stop working after a while (if they ever worked at all); and you don't know why, what to do about it, or what to say to your patients?

Frustrated you still have to prescribe drugs and supplements for symptoms the hormone therapy you are prescribing is supposed to fix?

Tired of your patients telling you what hormones to prescribe and how to prescribe them but do so anyway because they appear to know more about HRT than you do?

Tired of being in the dark about how to effectively & sustainably balance hormones for your female patients?

Best HRT Training

If you are experiencing these things and want to be a better hormone doctor for your female patients, come join our Hormone Sweet Spot™ network.

By becoming an HRT prescribing member in our network, we will train you how to effectively and sustainably balance hormones for women so you never have to second guess.

Best HRT Training

We have mastered the clinical art skill of Optimal Female Hormone Balancing. 

We thoroughly educate and train each of our hormone therapy prescribing practitioners on how to properly balance hormones for women. 

If you work with us, there are ten things you will learn to get your female patient's hormones balanced to their Hormone Sweet Spot and keep them balanced there:

1. When—When is the right time to start hormone therapy? You will learn how to make this determination with organic clinical indicators and lab work.

2. What—You will learn exactly what hormones to initially prescribe and when to consider others.

3. Ready—Gut microbiome symbiosis is paramount for optimal HRT. You will learn the five clinical patient categories and gut preparation for HRT.

4. Kind—Two kinds of hormones to consider, you will learn which is best for each patient.

5. Route—You will learn how to determine the best route of administration to prescribe; oral, transdermal, injection, patch, etc., for each hormone.

6. Method—You will learn how to intelligently administer hormones in a manner that mimics the natural rhythmic physiology of the female body. 

7. Dose—You will learn considerations when making dosage decisions, how much of each hormone to prescribe, and when and how much to titrate.

8. Assess—You will learn how to assess a patient’s hormones and correlate clinical indicators with lab levels to achieve the Hormone Sweet Spot.

9. Goals—You will learn the clinical goals of obtaining physiologic hormone balance, and how to determine the Hormone Sweet Spot of each patient.

10. Sustain—You will learn how to sustain the Hormone Sweet Spot, and how to restore it back to hormone homeostasis if the patient ever falls out of balance.


Honing your female hormone balancing skills is a smart move for your practice.

Work with us and learn how to confidently and effectively balance hormones for women.

Best HRT Training
Female HRT Training

Network Member Benefits


Tools For Hormone Balancing Success

Female Hormone Balancing

Benefits of  Membership

There are many benefits of working with us...

  • Hormone patient referrals
  • Hormone balancing programs
  • Professional clinical hormone coaching for your patients
  • Work directly with our trained hormone coaches as they act as virtual medical assistants triaging your female HRT patients
  • Advanced female HRT clinical application training
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Clinical hand-holding
  • Better clinical outcomes
  • Increases patient retention
Female HRT Training



We are looking for like-minded physicians and physician extenders who already prescribe hormones for women to be a member of our HRT prescribers network.

If you are passionate about female hormone balancing (even if you're not good at it), let's talk. We can teach you how to be good at it.

The best way to find out if we may be a good fit to work together is for you to schedule a time to talk to one of our physician advisors by using the button below.

Best Hormone Balancing Program
Best Female HRT Training