Advanced Female Hormone Restoration  Application Training & Clinical Coaching

Best Female HRT Training

Everything you need to be a successful female hormone balancing prescriber.

Best Female HRT Training

What is Advanced Female Hormone Restoration?

Advanced female hormone restoration is where a physician prescribes the right hormone replacement therapy system dosed in the right amounts and administers them in a manner that effectively and sustainably restores hormones to reproductive blood serum levels.

This is different than the standard of care low dose HRT which does not restore blood serum levels high enough to pull a woman out of her hormone deficiency state. Low-dose HRT protocols keep women in a state of hormone deficiency needing drugs and supplements to manage the symptoms of hormone deficiencies that otherwise would not exist if hormones were properly restored.

Which kind of HRT physician do you want to be? One that keeps women hormonally deficient and dependent on drugs, or one that fixes hormone deficiencies altogether? 

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Balancing hormones for women is not easy but it could be if you knew how to prescribe the right hormone replacement therapy in the right amounts and in the right manner.

Effectively balancing hormones for women requires knowledge, skill, and clinical support. And it is one of the most rewarding things a physician can do not only for themselves but for patients as well.

We offer advanced female hormone replacement therapy clinical application training, practical hand-holding, patient referrals, and ongoing patient hormone balancing support.

Work as a part of a hormone balancing team between you, the patient, and our professionally trained clinical hormone coaches.

Our female hormone therapy prescribers and clinical hormone coaches are all on the same page and trained with one goal in mind — to get patients' hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot™ and keep them balanced.

Best Female HRT Training
Female HRT Training

The Hormone Sweet Spot 


The Hormone Sweet Spot is a place of true female hormone balance where your patient cannot imagine feeling any better than she does mentally, physically, behaviorally, and emotionally; and her blood serum lab work concurs with how she feels.

It is in this place most generally healthy women between the ages of 20-60 can reverse and prevent PMS, Menstrual Cycle Dysfunction & Disorders, Early Menopause, Premature Menopause, Perimenopause, and Menopause for as long as they wish.

Female HRT Training

There is a formula and a process to getting hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot™ in your female patients. 

In addition to the right diet and lifestyle, it involves the right hormone replacement therapy, dosed in the right amounts, and administered in the right manner.

Each hormone has its own 'sweet spot' with regards to blood serum ranges where each hormone performs best.

The clinical objective is to prescribe the right hormone replacement therapy in a manner that allows each hormone to get into its perspective optimal lab range and sustain it there.

The Hormone Sweet Spot is measured by blood serum lab levels and scored clinical indicator assessments so there is no guessing. 

Hormones are balanced in the 'sweet spot' when blood labs fall in specific optimal ranges, and the patient's clinical indicator score is suppressed under a particular number. 

This process typically takes about 6-18 months for most generally healthy Protocol compliant women.

Once hormones are balanced in the Hormone Sweet Spot, the goal is to simply maintain balance at those levels and scores indefinitely.

This is how to effectively and sustainably balance hormones for women.

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If you are tired of crapshoot female hormone balancing and want to learn more about the technique and process of balancing hormones to the Hormone Sweet Spot, book a professional discovery call now. It will be the smartest decision you make for yourself, your patients, and your practice.

Best HRT Training

Frustrated they didn't teach you about female hormone therapy in medical school and left you to figure it out on your own?

Considering throwing in the towel with hormone replacement therapy for your female patients because you can't seem to figure it out?

Finding out the HRT education you get at the hormone conferences does not work in the clinic like they said it would?

Confused what it means to "balance" hormones for women, or at what point your patients' hormones are actually balanced?

Frustrated you can't get your female patients' hormones balanced no matter what HRT system you use?

Tired of calling the pharmacist for HRT direction when you know you should be the one running the show?

Annoyed that the HRT you prescribe stops working after a while (if it ever worked at all); and you don't know why, what to do about it, or what to say to your patients?

Frustrated you still have to prescribe drugs and supplements for symptoms the hormone therapy you are prescribing is supposed to fix?

Tired of your patients telling you what hormones to prescribe and how to prescribe them but do so anyway because they appear to know more about HRT than you do?

Tired of being in the dark about how to effectively & sustainably balance hormones for your female patients?

Best HRT Training

If you are experiencing these frustrations and want to be a better hormone doctor for your female patients, become a Hormone Sweet Spot™ Physician.

By becoming an HRT prescribing member, we will train you how to effectively and sustainably balance hormones for women and clinically support you and your patients so you never have to second guess again.

Best HRT Training

The Art of Optimal Female Hormone Balancing


We thoroughly educate and train each of our hormone therapy prescribing practitioners on how to properly balance hormones for women. 

If you work with us, there are ten things you will learn to get your female patient's hormones balanced to their Hormone Sweet Spot and keep them balanced there:

1. When — When is the right time to start hormone therapy? You will learn how to make this determination with organic clinical indicators and lab work.

2. What — You will learn exactly what hormones to initially prescribe and when to consider others.

3. Prepare — Gut microbiome symbiosis is paramount for optimal HRT. You will learn the five clinical patient categories and gut preparation for HRT.

4. Kind — Two kinds of HRT to consider, you will learn which is best for each patient.

5. Route — You will learn how to determine the best route of administration to prescribe; oral, transdermal, injection, patch, etc., for each hormone.

6. Method — You will learn how to intelligently administer hormones in a manner that mimics the natural rhythmic physiology of the female body. 

7. Dose — You will learn considerations when making dosage decisions, how much of each hormone to prescribe, and when and how much to titrate.

8. Assess — You will learn how to assess a patient’s hormones and correlate clinical indicators with lab levels to achieve the Hormone Sweet Spot.

9. Goals — You will learn the clinical goals of obtaining physiologic hormone balance, and how to determine the Hormone Sweet Spot of each patient.

10. Sustain — You will learn how to sustain the Hormone Sweet Spot, and how to restore hormone homeostasis if the patient ever falls out of balance.

Best HRT Training
Female HRT Training

Program Details


The Hormone Sweet Spot Physician Program gives you four supercritical tools to build a successful female hormone balancing practice.

Advanced Female HRT Clinical Application Training

  • Learn how to effectively and sustainably balance hormones to the Hormone Sweet Spot for your female patients.
  • Clinical hand-holding. Ongoing clinical support so you will never have to guess what you need to do for your patients.
  • Periodic training and case study reviews so you will always stay up to date with the advancements in female hormone medicine and monthly case study.
  • HRT training and practice consulting. You will learn where to get additional HRT training, program practice integration, and hormone practice consulting.
Female HRT Training

Hormone Balancing Support For Your Patients

  • Your patients will be assigned a professionally trained personal clinical hormone coach which includes one-on-one coaching sessions and 24/7 direct chat access.
  • Your patients will have access to the digital hormone balancing handbook set up in an 8-module course format.
  • The hormone coach works directly with you and your patients so they have greater success attaining the Hormone Sweet Spot and sustaining hormonal balance.
  • Our clinical hormone coaches will guide your patients through the hormone balancing process.

Female Hormone Patient Referrals 

  • We conduct ongoing marketing and advertising for the Hormone Sweet Spot Program for women.
  • When women sign up for the program, they are referred a network prescribing physician. 
  • Get continuous monthly revenue from patient referrals.
  • Multiple referral sources through our trained clinical hormone coaches and our marketing efforts.

Hormone Practice Consulting 

  • Learn how to set yourself apart by promoting the Hormone Sweet Spot Program for your female patients.
  • Get marketing advice and direction on your optimizing your female hormone practice. 
  • Get hormone practice business tips that help streamline your processes, procedures, and patient care.
  • Learn additional streams of revenue your practice can offer and how to promote them.
Female HRT Training

There are many more benefits to the Hormone Sweet Spot Physician Program. To learn more about the details and to see if this program is a good fit for you, use the button below to book a time to meet via Zoom. No one else offers a more complete program for HRT physicians than we do.


Frequently Asked Questions


Benefits of Working With Us


Our Hormone Sweet Spot™ Physician Program gives physicians and physician extenders all the tools they need to effectively and sustainably balance hormones for their female patients.

The many benefits of working with us...

  • You will receive advanced female HRT clinical application training to become an expert in female hormone restoration.
  • You will learn how to properly prescribe estrogen and progesterone in a manner that allows a woman to maintain a regular and virtually incident-free menstrual cycle for as long as she chooses even if she no longer has a uterus. 
  • You will receive female hormone patient referrals from those seeking your female HRT expertise with our marketing efforts.
  • You will learn how to restore hormones back to healthy reproductive levels with advanced HRT protocols as opposed to low-dose therapies that keep women hormonally deficient.
  • Your practice will change because you will have better clinical outcomes. Your patients will come back in follow-up mentally and physically better instead of worse.
  • Your confidence in prescribing advanced female hormone therapies will increase with the clinical hand-holding we offer you and your patients.
  • You will no longer be afraid of estrogen. You will learn the truth about estrogen and its very real impact on the mind, body, and weight of your female patients.
  • Once you see the clinical difference with your own eyes, it will change how you practice female hormone medicine forever.
  • It won’t take long for you to see that about 85% of conditions, diseases, and mental illnesses your female patients complain of will significantly improve or completely go away.
  • Your job will be less stressful working with our trained clinical hormone coaches as they act as virtual medical assistants triaging your female HRT patients between appointments.
  • You will have better clinical outcomes because of our digital hormone balancing handbook your patients will have access to. The more your patients understand the process of getting hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot, the greater clinical success they will have.
  • Your patients will receive ongoing clinical hormone coaching from a professionally trained hormone coach so they will always get their between-appointment questions answered in a timely fashion.
  • You will not need as many staff. Our trained clinical hormone coaches manage patient hormone care under your direction so they get consistent, accurate, and timely guidance.
  • Your patient retention will increase because of the help of clinical hormone coaching. Each patient is assigned to a clinical hormone coach to guide them through the hormone balancing process.
  • Your income will significantly increase with monthly program payouts and more patient referrals through our marketing efforts.
  • You will be proud of the doctor you will become. When women finally get some mental relief and start to feel good again, they will let you know about it and tell their friends.
Female HRT Training



We are looking for like-minded physicians and physician extenders who currently prescribe hormones for women to be a member of our advanced female HRT prescribers network.

If you are passionate about female hormone balancing, even if you are not yet good at it, let's talk. 

The best way for you get more information about our prescriber program, and to see if we may be a good fit to work together, is for you to schedule a time to talk to one of our physician advisors by using the button below. 

Best Hormone Balancing Program
Best Female HRT Training