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Hormone Coach Training

Get trained as a menstrual health and female hormone balancing coach.

What Is A Clinical Hormone Coach?

Hormone Coach Training
Hormone Coach Training

The Clinical Hormone Coach

A clinical hormone coach is a health coach or healthcare practitioner who has been uniquely trained to work with hormone prescribing doctors to help their female patients balance their hormones to the Hormone Sweet Spot.

 A clinical hormone coach is an extraordinary health coach because they are...

Trained how to coach women on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to reach specific clinical hormone balancing goals.

Educated on all four generations of HRT and which ones are needed to get hormones balanced in the right ranges.

Educated on estrogen and progesterone hormone balancing, in addition to testosterone, thyroid, melatonin, cortisol, insulin, and human growth hormone, including various hormone peptides.

Trained to work in conjunction with an HRT prescriber to triage hormone balancing questions and pass on instruction.

Trained on which foods and lifestyle choices work best with advanced female hormone replacement therapies for optimal female hormone balancing.

Trained on what pharmaceutical grade supplements aid in optimal female hormone balancing and which ones create imbalance and chaos.

Trained on the estrobolome and how to heal and utilize it for optimal hormone balancing and getting rid of estrogen dominance for good.

Trained on the three phases of optimal hormone balancing and how to coach women through each phase to the sweet spot.

Trained in lab work, how to order, what to order, how to read labs, how to explain labs to patients, and how to communicate with hormone doctors about labs.

Trained on weight loss using advanced hormone replacement therapies.

Trained in menstrual cycle preservation & restoration and perimenopause and menopause prevention.

Trained how to measure progress, establishment, and maintenance of the Hormone Sweet Spot

Trained on tools to measure progress, establishment, and maintenance of the Hormone Sweet Spot.

Trained on the proper diet and lifestyle for optimal female hormone balancing.

Trained how to get patient's hormones back into balance if they ever become out of balance.


Three Aspects of the Clinical Hormone Coach...

  1.  Hormone Coach—a virtual medical assistant working closely with hormone prescribing doctors and their patients, instructs patients on HRT application and compliance, clinically coaches patients through "The Process" to the sweet spot.
  2. Health Coach—all aspects of health coaching including nutrition, diet, lifestyle, sleep, educator, and changemaker so patients can effectively live and eat to support the advanced hormone replacement therapy they take.
  3.  Life Coach—after the crossover*, guidance, visionary, cheerleader, motivator.

* The Crossover in advanced female hormone balancing is when a woman's brain and body finally have enough of the right hormones that it changes her into a different, happy, and more authentic-centered woman. It is in this place of optimal hormone balance that a woman has a new-found life and needs help with life coaching and navigation with the new person they have become. 

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Hormone Coach Training

Clinical Hormone Coach Training

Hormone Coach Training
Hormone Coach Training

Considering a health coach specialty in menstrual health and female hormone balancing?

We offer an advanced Clinical Hormone Coach training program once a year for a select few female health coaches and healthcare practitioners.

You will learn how to help women balance estrogen and progesterone (and other hormones) to optimal levels, and how to clinically coach them through the process to the "sweet spot" and beyond. 

You will learn about all forms of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and how they work.

You will learn about lab work and how to use labs to help patients balance their hormones.

You will learn which diet and lifestyle are best for optimal female hormone balancing.

You will learn how to coach women to establish and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle for as long as they choose, even if they no longer have all their parts.

You will learn how to coach women on menstrual cycle preservation, perimenopause and menopause prevention, and menopause management.

You will learn how to work directly with hormone doctors and their patients either in their practice or as an independent clinical hormone coach practitioner.

You will also learn how to get your own hormones balanced and keep them balanced.

And so much more.

Hormone Coach Training

The Art & Science of Clinical Hormone Coaching

Hormone Coach Training
Hormone Coach Training

The Foundational Program

This foundational clinical hormone coach training program is a personal hormone balancing program for female health coaches, healthcare professionals, and hormone prescribing physicians.

It is a 12-week jumpstart group immersion female hormone balancing program, specifically for practitioners, to get you started on your own hormone balancing journey while you learn the art and science of clinical hormone coaching.

As you are coached through "The Process" of getting your own hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot, you will learn how to help other women do the same. 

Our unique program includes a 12-week guided digital course, hormone doctor visits, hormone replacement therapy, group hormone coaching, personal clinical hormone coaching sessions, and much more, too much to list. 

This state-of-the-art program is offered once a year for a select few.

Register for one of our informational webinars for the details of what can expect to learn to what you can expect to earn. (Hint: It's extremely rewarding.)

Hormone Coach Training

The Advanced Program

The Advanced Program is an invitation only apprenticeship for those who have successfully completed The Foundational Program.

It is specifically for those professionals who want to work remotely as a Hormone Sweet Spot coach with our trained hormone doctors in Panacea Sciences' online hormone clinic.

This apprenticeship includes a digital course, tickets to a two-day live event conference, monthly educational webinars, clinical shadowing, and ongoing mentorship and clinical hand-holding.

Hormone Coach Training
Hormone Coach Training