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 The Hormone Sweet Spot

A place of true hormone balance.

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What Is The Hormone Sweet Spot?

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The Hormone Sweet Spot is a place of true female hormone balance where your patient cannot imagine feeling any better than she does mentally, physically, behaviorally, and emotionally; and her blood serum lab work concurs with how she feels.

It is in this place most generally healthy women between the ages of 20-60 can reverse and prevent PMS, Menstrual Cycle Dysfunction & Disorders, Early Menopause, Premature Menopause, Perimenopause, and Menopause for as long as they wish.

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There is a formula and a process to getting hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot™ in your female patients. 

In addition to the right diet and lifestyle, it involves the right hormone replacement therapy, dosed in the right amounts, and administered in the right manner.

Each hormone has its own 'sweet spot' with regards to blood serum ranges where that hormone performs best.

The clinical objective is to get each hormone in its perspective optimal lab range (we teach you how to do this).

The Hormone Sweet Spot is measured by blood serum lab levels and scored clinical indicator assessments. 

Hormones are balanced in the 'sweet spot' when blood labs fall in specific optimal ranges, and the patient's clinical indicator score is suppressed under a particular number. 

This process typically takes about 6-18 months for most generally healthy Protocol compliant women.

Once hormones are balanced in the Hormone Sweet Spot, the goal is to simply maintain balance at those levels and scores indefinitely.

This is how to effectively and sustainably balance hormones for women.

HRT Practice Consultant
HRT Practice Consultant
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